Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wrong Again, "Committee"

Under the heading, "A GLIMMER OF BRAVERY," the "Committee for a More Responsible Local 47" writes:

"Ed Shamgochian suggested suing the RMA to get the legal fees back for the lawsuits the recording musicians filed."
RMA was not a plaintiff in the Parmeter and Rishik cases. I never suggested "suing the RMA."
AFM prevailed in the suits and could have filed a motion to assess attorney fees against the handful of Parmeter and Rishik plaintiffs. The Hair administration chose not to. I said they should have.

The "Committee" should retract its misleading comments for the sake of accuracy. However, this is unlikely since accuracy is of no importance to the "Committee."

For example, although Resolution 17 ("Save the MPTF") had nothing whatsoever to do with the RMA, the "Committee" advised a no vote merely because it was proposed by Ed Shamgochian, "RMA sympathizer."

So which is it, "Committee?" Am I with you or against you?

We can only hope that the "Committee" in its current form will fade away along with other relics of Tom Lee's war on RMA.

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