Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Confederacy of Dunces

Convention 2010 brought a unifying change.

But in at least one peculiar committee, weak minds prevailed.

The Small Locals Committee comprises thirty-six members appointed by former President Tom Lee (committees average twelve members). This packed committee voted against President Ray Hair and Resolution 17.

My intent with this piece is not to reopen wounds of disunity within AFM.

But I must point out that the size and origins of this committee, and the uniformity with which it voted against its own interests, are excellent reasons to question its pronouncements in the future.

Clarification (8/6/2010): This piece originally implied that the Small Locals Committee received an extra $1,800. Committee members don't receive $50 extra in consideration of serving on a committee, but may receive an additional $50 per diem if their committee meets an extra day.

The point remains the same: the Small Locals Committee's size, origins and unified stance against the interests of small locals undermine its credibility.


Anonymous said...

As a member of the committee I am curious; where do you get that this committee received $1800?

Ed Shamgochian said...

Each committee member is paid $50, multiplied by 36 members, equals $1800.

A typical committee is paid only $600 ($50 times 12 members).

Anonymous said...

Delegates are paid $50 for being at the convention. They receive per diem whether or not they serve on a committee. Some delegates receive per diem and do not serve on any committee. Your math is seriously flawed. That same amount ($1800) would have been paid even if no small locals committee existed.

Ed Shamgochian said...


Thanks for your contribution. Please see the above clarification.

Anonymous said...

Curiously, this discussion devolved around the payment of $1800 while ignoring its substance - Lee's political manipulation of the election process, one of many tricks he tried that eventually failed. I wonder how many of the 36 members will be left in 2013....