Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"The end of our long union nightmare may be near."

I wrote those words in December, 2009, noting a trend of defeats for Tom Lee. The crack in Lee's armor eventually spread to a full scale defeat at Convention 2010.

Tom Lee was voted out, marking the end of the longest AFM presidency since Herman D. Kenin (1958-1970). He ended his term beleaguered and, according to a source at the convention, obsessed with what he perceived as his recording musician enemies. Tom Lee left his office graciously, like the master of AFM politics that he was.

The rubber stamp IEB was voted out. Convention 2010 delivered us three wise men: Vince Trombetta, Dave Pomeroy & Tino Gagliardi. All are independent creative thinkers, with a creative and positive agenda for AFM.

Perhaps the wisest of all is AFM's new president, Ray Hair. Common wisdom dictated that he should have announced his candidacy sooner; he announced at the beginning of June. Common wisdom dictated that nobody could match Tom Lee at canvassing and vote-counting. But Ray Hair's wisdom was more than common; it was inspired.

At the threshold of a new era, Convention 2010 could not have delivered a more exuberant leadership.

Change has come to the AFM.

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Unknown said...


I think we all owe you a debt as well for your contribution to AFM Democracy. One of the joys for me in coming to the New England Conference was getting to know you, your wife and son.

I could not agree more with your comments about Ray Hair. His run for office was inspiring and we are truly on the threshold of a New Era.

I think the AFM has also found a treasure by electing Bruce Fife.

Lastly, while I agree that the prior IEB was a huge disappointment and we are fortunate to have Vince Trombetta, Dave Pomeroy and Tino Gagliardi whom you collectively call the "Three Wise Men", we also have "One Wise Woman".

Tina Morrison's election could not be more of a blessing to our Union. She is youthful, exuberant and recieved union values from her father which she is passing on to her son. Tina comes from a small local and she has no obvious AFM political connections, but she is filled with an abiding passion for the AFM. I am really glad that she will be part of the mix.

Best Regards,

Phil Ayling