Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Truth Will Set You Free

About two years ago, Secretary-Treasurer Sam Folio filed formal charges against Mark Sazer and Andrew Malloy, complaining that they were principals in organizing and operating the Professional Musicians Guild (PMG), in contravention of their membership obligations to the AFM. The IEB held hearings on the matter, but made no public findings.

About two weeks ago, Secretary-Treasurer Sam Folio finally withdrew the charges. This finally clears the name of two recording musicians who have been under a cloud of disloyalty and accusation for two years.

It is unclear whether Sam Folio took this professional act of honesty and truth with the support of Tom Lee, who has constantly referred to the PMG, attempting to turn this perceived "threat" to his political advantage. Only recently, Sam Folio defended an accusation he published in the International Musician, that RMA President Phil Ayling was a member of the PMG. Ayling was never formally charged. See our recent article on this subject.

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