Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Robert Levine’s recent article, “Up-close and personal with someone who sounds like Tom,” is a revealing look at an anonymous commenter that could very well be Tom Lee himself. That commenter, "keys88,” attempting to suggest that recording musicians are disloyal to the AFM, quoted an article in the International Musician saying that a video game composer said “I had exploratory discussions with PMG leaders Marc Sazer and Phil Aying...” — implying that Phil Ayling, the President of the RMA, is in fact a PMG leader.

There was a hearing shrouded in secrecy before the IEB regarding Marc Sazer's membership in the PMG, which apparently made a finding but never imposed any sanctions, fines or penalties. Tom Lee has personally insinuated before that Phil Ayling is a member of the PMG, but there has never been any evidence or charge. Tom Lee finds it more useful to insinuate than to actually pursue any action — he finds it politically expedient to have someone and something to demonize, which of course is another page out of Karl Rove's playbook. Innuendo, hearsay, and more innuendo.

At the recent New England Conference I had the interesting pleasure of sitting with both Phil Ayling and Sam Folio. At one point Phil directly questioned Sam's publication of that quote. Phil said that considering that there is now, nor ever was, a shred of evidence to verify Phil's membership or leadership in the PMG, a retraction ought to be printed in the IM. Sam replied by saying that he would consider a retraction, review the matter, have further talks and get in touch with Phil to settle the matter.

Sam, we know of your busy schedule, but did you ever get in touch with Phil?

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s said...

I verified letter published and facts are correct as well as three member friends advised they were at house parties re pmg that were run by pa who stated he would not join the pmg but was encouraging others to join. sf