Monday, December 15, 2008

A Crack in Lee's Armor

AFM Local 257 Nashville Election Results
Over 1100 Votes Cast
Turnout More Than Double Last Election

Dave Pomeroy (675)
Harold Bradley (449)

Craig Krampf (570)
Billy Linneman (539)

This upset is a wake-up call to the IEB and Tom Lee's administration. Recall that the most recent action of defeated incumbents Bradley and Linneman was to fall in line with Lee and the IEB on the issue of decertifying the RMA. Bradley wrote an editorial in the Nashville newsletter openly contemptuous of his own members in the RMA. Bradley and Linneman adopted Tom Lee's poisonous rhetoric and were stopped in their tracks by the democratic process.

What happened in Nashville shows that members will no longer tolerate disingenuous leadership.

Lee's armor has been pierced by Nashville musicians. They condemned Bradley and Linneman's futile anti-RMA schemes and their complicity in Tom Lee's crusade against recording musicians. If the air continues to thicken against this administration, we may see a complete change in AFM governance in 2010.

We hope that Nashville 2008 will be Las Vegas 2010 in miniature, where an energized membership repudiates the politics of vilification, fear and division embodied by Tom Lee and the current IEB.

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