Monday, June 11, 2007

Salary Increases Justified?

When considering Recommendation 22 calling for a $43,728 raise in the President's yearly pay ($3,644 extra per month), we should all remember the decline over the past six years. We should also keep in mind the future consequences. Considering the situation, it is easy to see that now is not the time for pay raises.

Over the past six years, work for the members has decreased to a virtual standstill. The President is working, but the overwhelming majority of our members are not. Treasure flows from our Locals to Folio's Treasury, on a one way street. Services from the AFM are at their lowest point. Where exactly is the justification for a pay raise?

The pay raise would also have serious future consequences. Recommendation 22 calls for the President's pay to be indexed to cost of living increases. Thus, even though the President's salary is linked to cost of living increases, there is no guarantee that our Treasury will be linked to cost of living increases. In dire times, the President's salary could go up while the Treasury shrinks!

Also note that that there is no guarantee that the proposed "housing allowance" would be used as such. What would prevent a President from availing himself or herself of more modest accommodation, and pocketing the difference?

In this desperate era of the AFM, the thought of pay raises is truly inappropriate. Vote NO on Recommendation No. 22.

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